Production Manager


Our Production Managers are our leaders, on and offsite. They’re both thinkers and doers, unafraid to take risks, and always ready to get their hands dirty. Their ability to fully envision a project in its totality, right down to the smallest detail, can only be matched by their ability to execute, follow through, and see that project comes to life. Quick, skillful, and strategic, our Production Managers take charge of all our Video and Photo Department’s projects, pre-production to post, and always deliver.

Duties & Responsibilities

An EP Production Manager (PM) will:

Be responsible for the success of video and photo shoots

Every production and video/photo shoot is yours, from shot and script checklists and schedules, all the way up to making sure every staff member, talent, equipment, product, location and resource will be available and on schedule. You adapt to emergencies with ease, cooking up backup plans on the spot and negotiating and re-negotiating timelines with the client and Creatives Team to make sure your work comes out on point and on time.

Steward the finances and resources of production

Roadblocks are a cinch because you’ve already got a contingency plan in place. Your negotiation skills will come in handy as you establish networks with suppliers scout for equipment, talent, venues, and other resources.

Be a guide from start to finish

You’re the shoot’s lifeblood–from the brainstorming, to pre-production, to project briefs, to the shoots themselves. You’re the art director/director’s second eye, and ear (e.g. spotting mispronunciations and discontinuities, if products aren’t shown as prescribed, etc.). You’ll be supervising and training the Production Assistants helping out during the shoot. Your energy is the team’s energy, so passion and poise are truly crucial for our videographers.

Be a collaborative communicator

Because you’ll be working with different clients and teams, you know how to clearly communicate ideas, revisions, and other concerns with the Client, Account Executive, Creatives teams, and the Producer. Representing the Client during editing sessions and giving progress reports to the Client, Accounts Executives/Managers, and Producer are all part of it.

Be passionate

Our culture breathes discovery. That’s why our Production Managers find ways to be better at what they do, whether it’s keeping up with notable industry work, honing their technique, or searching for new ideas they can utilize in their own craft. Be excited to learn, especially from the people you’ll work with.

Have loads of fun

Because you’ll be working in Elevation Partners (aka an environment filled with awesome people with a culture that will push you to your greatest potential), this is a given. For sure. 🙂

Skills & Strengths

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Financially literate, highly organized, and detail-oriented
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, and capable of operating Adobe Premiere Pro, and similar programs for very simple tasks (e.g. converting files into different format (mp4 to mov), revising copy or titles)
  • Very efficient in making shooting schedules, and other templates for video production documents
  • Has basic knowledge in video production
  • Has good communication points since you’ll be working with clients and teams

To thrive as an EP Production Manager, you’ll want to be:

  • Positive, passionate, and resilient under pressure
  • Patient
  • Confident in communicating to persons of authority
  • Punctual
  • Cool-headed
  • Assertive
  • Considerate

What to Expect


Here in Elevation Partners, we believe in you: that is, we believe in a team of creatives with the freedom and responsibility to excel in their roles, and beyond. This is a different class of minds that we’ve gathered, and we approach our work with fun, productivity, and positivity. Expect challenges, changes, and a whole lot of growing forward. After all, we don’t just create. We elevate.

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