Digital Marketing Manager

Our Digital Marketing Manager are people who wear many hats, knowing when to put each one on. A friend to everyone and a friend that listens well, they adapt as they go along. There’s no crowd too diverse, no audience they cannot please. They’re masters in the art of persuasion.

As the brand’s voice, they’re in charge of knowing the right strings to pull to engage their listeners. They know exactly what to say to keep their audience captivated and tuned in to our products. They’re a force behind the brand’s growing popularity and presence, while maintaining the persona it wants to communicate.

Duties & Responsibilities

An EP Digital Marketing Manager will:

Post and Schedule Content

As a Digital Marketing Manager, your job is to strengthen the brand’s presence through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other strategically relevant online properties. You’ll manage the posting schedules, keeping in-line with the Social Media Content Plan (SMCP) plan and sticking to the timelines. Our Digital Marketing Managers also understand when and why posts should go up online via analytics research, and other tools (Ex. Facebook Insights, Quintly, etc.).

Study the Analytics + Present Your Insights

You’ll be reading the numbers, and the numbers never lie. This is the tricky part, crucial for developing meaningful content for our brands, but we know you’ve got what it takes. You’ll be examining the analytics to find what works, and help the team cook up a sound strategy for posting and creating our content. Your insights will tell us what we need to post to ensure the overall success of the social media platforms we manage.

Engage with Fans/Followers

Your job is to be the voice of the brand, which means engaging with consumers by answering all of their inquiries and responding to their requests. You will embody the personality of the brand using the tone following the description in the briefs that will be assigned to you.

Identify the Influencers + Develop Them

You know where the talent is, and you’re good at finding it. Recognizing noteworthy personalities who will potentially impact your brand through their influence is key to brand awareness. You make sure the influencer’s name upholds the values of the brand through the posts on their personal social media sites, and you direct the plan for their future posts.

Have loads of fun

Because you’ll be working in Elevation Partners (aka an environment filled with awesome people with a culture that will push you to your greatest potential), this is a given. For sure.

Skills & Strengths

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Analytical, Insightful, and Detail-Oriented
  • Wholly Engaged w/ Projects
  • Approachable, and cares about people
  • Enthusiastic for new information

To thrive as an EP Digital Marketing Manager, you’ll want to be:

  • Positive, passionate, and resilient under pressure
  • Knowledgable in copywriting, marketing, and design
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Empathetic, able to understanding people
  • Self-motivated and needing minimal supervision
  • Willing to do whatever it takes

What to Expect

Here in Elevation Partners, we believe in you: that is, we believe in a team of creatives with the freedom and responsibility to excel in their roles, and beyond. This is a different class of minds that we’ve gathered, and we approach our work with fun, productivity, and positivity. Expect challenges, changes, and a whole lot of growing forward. After all, we don’t just create. We elevate. 

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