Content Writer

Our Content Writers are storytellers, with a head that understands language and a heart that understands people. They’re both artistic and scientific; creative and strategic. They have a solid grasp of how messages work, how words work, and how people receive those words and messages.

Having excellent grammar and an audience-centric frame of mind, they know the rules and when to break them, or uphold them. Their attention to detail and wide vocabulary allows them to be on point with their messaging, for every project, every time.

Duties & Responsibilities

An EP Content Writer (CW) will:

Write for various projects

But of course! For this, you’ll need to write with precision and wit. Web copy, social media ads, captions, flyers, newsletters, radio spiels, you name it. You won’t be boxed-up here. You’ll be brainstorming, taking responsibility for your timelines and deadlines, asking the right questions, researching, and working with an awesome group of people. You’ll be drafting, rewriting, editing, polishing, and giving and receiving constructive feedback. On top of that, our Content Writers know how to work excellently under pressure. They aren’t easily fazed by the workload, but strategically attack their deliverables with grit and grace.

Be passionate about all aspects of writing

Let’s just say our Content Writers are fans of impeccable grammar. They have a working knowledge of how certain words mean certain things to certain people, and they can explain what works and what doesn’t. On top of that, our Content Writers are well-read, social media savvy, love learning, and are infectious with their love for their craft. These folks are all about good writing practice, and they aren’t afraid to learn from their mistakes.

Focus on the solution behind the messaging

Solutions-centered creativity is where we’re at. We need someone who can think, and think well. You’ll have your briefs and timelines, certainly, but as with everyone else on the team, our Content Writers don’t just create. They elevate. They find every single way we can hit that messaging bullseye, making sure the copy communicates what it needs to.

Be a collaborative communicator

Because you’ll be working with different clients and collaborating with other artists, you know how to reconcile various ideas, concepts, and messages into one compelling whole. Our Content Writers know that communication goes beyond words: it’s all about people. They’re comfortable giving, receiving, and applying constructive feedback, because their passion is for elevating the project.

Have loads of fun

Because you’ll be working in Elevation Partners (aka an environment filled with awesome people with a culture that will push you to your greatest potential), this is a given. For sure.

Skills & Strengths

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Highly proficient in written and spoken English
  • A natural researcher, ever curious about the world
  • A critical and conceptual thinker

To thrive as an EP Content Writer, you’ll want to be:

  • Positive, passionate, and resilient under pressure
  • Knowledgable in copywriting, marketing, and design
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Empathetic, able to understand people
  • Self-motivated and needing minimal supervision
  • Willing to do whatever it takes

What to Expect

Here in Elevation Partners, we believe in you: that is, we believe in a team of creatives with the freedom and responsibility to excel in their roles, and beyond. This is a different class of minds that we’ve gathered, and we approach our work with fun, productivity, and positivity. Expect challenges, changes, and a whole lot of growing forward. After all, we don’t just create. We elevate.

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